Amy increased to enjoy their spouse, Rory, passionately and known as Doc the <a href="">asexuelles homoromantisches Dating</a> girl closest friend

Amy was also really flirtatious. When you look at the Leadworth, she spent some time working while the an excellent kissogram. (TV: The fresh new Pandorica Opens up) She shortly after attempted to seduce your physician (TV: Flesh and Stone) and you may a computer. (TV: Dinosaurs towards an effective Spaceship) Rory reported she merely enacted this lady riding take to on her behalf basic wade due to a telltale top. (TV: Space) Amy as well as immediately following flirted which have by herself if the TARDIS materialised inside alone and this intended she reached select a couple sizes of by herself on future and you will flirted having each other. (TV: Time) She had no state becoming naked prior to the Doctor once an effective mutation on the an excellent butterfly-lady try corrected. (COMIC: Supernature) However, even after getting flirtatious by herself, she declared that “I will not has actually flirting companions”, and you will try specifically bemused if the Doctor and River become teasing just before saving their throughout the Silence. (TV: Day of the Moon, Dinosaurs on the an effective Spaceship)

She is actually attracted to your doctor, (TV: The fresh Last second, Flesh and you will Brick) Vincent van Gogh (TV: Vincent in addition to Doc) while the Roman soldiers in the Stonehenge

She try will kept by yourself by the woman aunt Sharon, exactly who would not deal with the woman concern about the fresh crack inside their wall structure. Immediately after conference your medical professional, she is enthusiastic about her “Raggedy Doc” and you can refused to trust he had been fictional, biting psychiatrists once they tried to convince their if you don’t. Mels, a college troublemaker, the lady friend and you may daughter, immediately following talked about she will misbehaved at school. Regardless of this, she try a defensive, maternal profile having Mels, leading their – when you’re regenerating towards the River Track immediately following getting found as Melody Pond – to help you remark, “You have to improve me personally after all.” (TV: Let us Destroy Hitler)

Whether or not she searched dismissive regarding Rory in the beginning, Amy ultimately began to respect him. (TV: Day of new Moonlight) She believed he might enhance anything. (TV: The newest God Advanced) Even with the girl tough external, Amy couldn’t constantly hide the lady thoughts and you can try devastated whenever facing the increasing loss of nearest and dearest eg Rory, (TV: Cool Blood) Melody, (TV: An excellent Child Visits Combat) the doctor (TV: The newest Angels Take New york) and you may Vincent van Gogh. (TV: Vincent and also the Doc) She broke off inside the tears if Doc leftover her to your Earth with Rory. (TV: The newest God Cutting-edge) Immediately following she learned that things is completed to their within Demons Work on hence generated the girl sterile and you can struggling to render delivery to any significantly more people, Amy experimented with forcing Rory away from their existence to offer him a far greater chance from the that have college students with someone else. (TV: Asylum of your own Daleks)

Within her time into TARDIS, Amy is heroic, rescuing the new existence of the Doc, Rory, River and others. She try prepared to stay in the brand new handbags from opponents in order to let her friends escape. (TV: The time of Angels, Day’s the fresh Moonlight) She was also willing to endeavor to store others. (TV: The latest Impossible Astronaut, The fresh new Curse of one’s Black-spot, The wedding out-of Lake Tune, Dinosaurs toward an effective Spaceship)

Amy’s mind, changed by the lady increasing up with a crack in dimensions and amount of time in the woman room wall, restored erased beings for the world using only her thoughts. (TV: The major Fuck) She knew date would be rewritten and you may expected you will find a great solution to write they to eliminate the Healthcare provider’s death. (TV: Brand new Hopeless Astronaut, The wedding from River Tune). She you are going to contemplate approach timelines. (TV: The wedding away from Lake Tune, HOMEVID: Good-night)

Amy try troubled and you will lonely

Amy showed a beneficial ruthless move. From inside the a unique timeline, Madame Kovarian was being slain by her eye push and you will are capable of getting it every way-off; she expected Amy to assist the girl because is actually what the Dy said, “He’s not here”, and put Kovarian’s attention drive back with the, killing the woman in order to have taken the woman child off the lady. She was conflicted about any of it afterwards. (TV: The marriage out-of Lake Track)

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