There is of course an excellent sexualization of women and a celebration nevertheless regarding, you understand, old-fashioned femininity plus, you are sure that?

BONILLA: Thus i consider – “Soya Peor,” that has been one of his very first attacks. And then he states they are advanced, any kind of. But when you go through the newest album.

BONILLA: . That’s, including, an amazing track about what it’s like to be a gorgeous young woman into the Puerto Rico, constantly harassed, which just wants to live the lady lives.

We like how he constantly talks from inside the Foreign-language without the embarrassment

BONILLA: . You are aware? Such good – a track regarding a lady position that is so breathtaking. But – while features a track particularly “Yo Zero Soy Celoso,” where he states, I am not saying a jealous form of, but exactly who the newest heck could you be speaking with more than here? Who’s one to?

BONILLA: Really don’t wish to be machista. And then he claims, including, (speaking spanish), eg, I’m merely browsing smack me personally, you know?

BONILLA: You get the feeling of someone having eg, this really is dangerous maleness, and i don’t want to take action.

It is that we simply like your

BONILLA: . You are sure that? So he or she is sort of, such, speaing frankly about those individuals thoughts. I do think one to their tunes center women’s pleasure. You realize, so it’s besides from the females getting things of male pleasure. It’s eg, the breathtaking, large butt is like – you realize – Atheist adult dating sites what – the sounds in the women has never been about how smart they was.

BONILLA: But primarily it’s about, such as, exactly how gorgeous and how high she is from the oral sex and you can such things as one to, you realize?

HUNTE: You know, I was talking-to a buddy concerning the simple fact that, you know, one of Puerto Ricans, everyone phone calls him Benito. And i is actually claiming – you realize, she was such as for example, really, which is their identity. And i is such as for instance, yeah, nevertheless seems like you might be talking about your little cousin. Such – (laughter) – as soon as you state Benito, it’s eg, you are aware, your little knucklehead relative down the street. And i feel just like which is element of you to, such as for instance, family members, such, you realize, that individuals become, like, warmly adequate that he’s so good Rabbit fundamentally. They are Benito.

BONILLA: I experienced a pal who told you, you are aware, I recently end up being – I’m such as for example he’s just that relative who managed to get larger and you may has no time for you to reply to your text any longer. However, you’re not annoyed ’cause you understand he or she is active.

BONILLA: I believe most of us, we think you to expertise, partially just like the we know his records and we also feel like we see him. Like, they state to me – they do say, oh, you might be a huge enthusiast out-of Bad Rabbit. I am for example, it isn’t one to I’m a fan.

BONILLA: But – and we love exactly how the guy signifies us, just how he is always therefore happy are Puerto Rican. And in case he’s asked about they, their responses are incredibly energizing ’cause he states, you realize, gringo painters have inked that it forever. They take a trip the nation and you may talk in the English wherever they are questioned. Therefore i travelling the country and you may talk during the Spanish.

BONILLA: . Very easy. Otherwise sing on the something else – such he could be nonetheless singing throughout the, you are sure that, shopping at the local shopping center inside the Puerto Rico or supposed towards local beach and you may visiting the west edge of the newest isle. His words are so rooted in Puerto Rican day to day life, and yet they resonate for the industry, I believe accurately because they’re very genuine to help you a specific sense. Someone apparently like it even though they’re not off Puerto Rico.

HUNTE: Yarimar, thanks. This is for example a dialogue. I am so pleased we reached talk.

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